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How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost in Miami Dade?

Miami Dade Bail Bond News: The judge sets bail for you based on the charges and according to a set schedule. Each court system has its own bail schedule. The amount of bail depends on the severity of the crime for which you were arrested. A misdemeanor may be set at $250, whereas something like a DUI or drug possession will be considerably more.

What Does it Cost to Arrange a Bail Bond?

Florida sets the cost of a bail bond at 10% of your bond amount. For instance, if bail is set at $10,000, you will pay the bondsman $1,000 to secure your release. If the judge sets your bail at $1,000 or below, your minimum fee to the bondsman is $100. However, if you are charged with a federal crime, the fee is 15%. In addition, you may need to provide collateral as well. This can be in the form of your home or vehicle.

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