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Arrests made during Wednesday's protest in downtown Miami

Miami Bail Bond News: Arrests made during Wednesday's protest in downtown Miami.

Protests in South Florida against police brutality continued Wednesday, June 10, 2020, when demonstrators vandalized a Christopher Columbus statue in downtown Miami. Downtown Miami bail bondsman.

Arrest in Downton Miami

As protests against injustices after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have engulfed the country, a Miami group announced it will hold a “Law and Order” rally on Sunday afternoon at Bayfront Park.

The announcement was made Friday by Evelio Medina, the head of the Miami Brickell Chamber of Commerce who this week said he founded a group called the “Law Abiding Citizens Coalition.” He said he supported other protest movements but was angered by looting and civil unrest.

“You’re not going to run us out of our country,” Medina said during a press conference in front of the statute of Christopher Columbus next to Bayside Marketplace. The monument was vandalized this week by protesters.

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