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I Need a Bondsman. What Do I Need To Know?

Miami Dade County has one of the highest jail populations in the country, and a significant number of these inmates are unsentenced. They are simply waiting for their day in court. In most cases, these individuals are not dangerous criminals. They simply cannot afford bail or have not yet partnered with a bondsman (bail bonds Downtown Miami).

Jail release is not just important for personal and professional reasons. It’s also important for health reasons. Incarceration, and specifically prolonged exposure to stress hormones, alters brain chemistry. Many people know someone who did a stint in jail and came back as a different person. This may be due to having been exposed to ongoing high levels of stress hormones or possibly because the inmate sustained an incarceration-related brain injury.

So, if you get arrested, you need a bondsman. It’s not just for the sake of the emotional well being of your friends and family. It’s also for your own emotional and physical sake. But you do not just need any bondsman. You need a Miami Bonding Company bonding agent (bail bond near me) who will give you straight answers to some frequently asked questions.

The first order of business is to determine the nature of the charges and the availability of bail. Police officers are not legally required to inform defendants of the charges at the time of arrest. So, many inmates only have a vague idea why they are being held inside a jail or holding facility.

Generally, the sheriff’s website contains much of the information needed to find out what the charges are. The exact nature of the charges is important because that’s usually the way the sheriff sets the presumptive bail amount. In most cases, this amount is about $750 for a misdemeanor and $1,500 for a felony. Those levels vary significantly, based on factors like the defendant’s criminal history.

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