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Miami Bail Bond News - How Bail Bonds Work in Miami

Miami Bail Bond News - How Bail Bonds Work in Miami

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Miami, Florida. If you have been arrested in Miami, Florida, a chain of events can begin to occur that can impact your life, freedom, and future.

One of the most immediate questions you and your family might ask is whether you will have to remain in jail while you await your trial. How does bail work, and what rights do you have? According to the New York Times, you’ll be brought before a judge shortly after you have been arrested. During this hearing, which usually takes place around 24 hours after your arrest, the judge will determine whether bail is needed, and if bail is determined necessary, the judge will set an amount. In some cases, judges allow defendants to be released with no bail while they await trial. Other defendants may not be offered bail at all. Finally, some defendants might be permitted to go free, but only if they can post bail.

How is bail determined?

The judge in your hearing will determine your ability to pay bail and the risk that you won’t appear for your trial. Based on these factors, the judge will set bail. A qualified criminal defense attorney like Michael D. Weinstein, PA, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can fight for you to set a reasonable bail, and can argue for the judge to release you without bail.

If you can pay bail on your own, the money will be returned to you when you meet the court’s requirements (appear on trial dates and meet any other requirements set by the court). However, if you cannot afford bail out of pocket (and many people cannot), sometimes families turn to bail bondsmen. These companies will pay bail to the court, but families will still be responsible for paying a fee to the bondmen. These fees are 10% of posted bail.

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