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Miami Bond News - How To Find a Good Bail Bondsman

Miami Bond News - How To Find a Good Bail Bondsman in Miami

A bail bondsman or bail agent is one of those people you hope you never need, but if you do, where do you look?

"The reality is that there really isn't an established set of criteria for saying that one bail agent is better than another," said Eric Gran, in an interview with ConsumerAffairs.

"A good insurance underwriter will take the time to talk with consumers about what they did and didn't understand about the bail industry and process. With this feedback, they can create a touchstone for consumers to reference," he said.

"But I don't plan on ever needing a bail agent," you might say. "I don't plan on ever doing anything wrong to get myself arrested."

More than half , Will need a bail bondsman

Which might be true, but according to a well-known statistic released in 1965, getting arrested could be more possible than you think. And if it's not you, it might be a friend or family member.

Statistics show that 52% of American men will be arrested at least once in their lifetime.

And although those figures have been questioned by several crime experts, other experts say the 52% is either accurate or close to the actual percentage.

A separate study that was published in a 2011 edition of Pediatrics showed that one in three people will be arrested by the time they reach the age of 23.

Findings by the Bureau of Justice Statistics show the number of people who need money for bail has gone up by 30% between 1990 and 2006, which was the last year bail statistics were released.

So the chances of needing to be bailed out or helping someone else get out of jail may not be as slim as you think.

What to do

Granof says consumers should ask themselves these questions when looking for a bail agent:

  • Does the agent act and dress appropriately (professional, clean, etc.)?

  • Do they have a current bail license? You can usually check for this online at the State's Department of Insurance website or the appropriate regulatory agency website for that state.

  • Do they come recommended from someone you know or trust?

  • Do they have customer ratings on websites?

  • Did you call the agent or did they call you (never trust a bail agent that calls you out of the blue unless you can confirm that the person they are representing truly asked them to call you).

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