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Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer - Miami Bail Bonds

Angel Hands Bail Bonds Miami - Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer. Ever been pulled over on a DUI charge? Yes this happens but you can beat the system with the help of a criminal defense lawyer. Drinking under the influence of DUI requires fast action on your part so that your license will not be suspended.

The first thing you have to do of course is hire a lawyer so you can immediately be released from jail. In some cases, this does not happen because you are released on your own recognizance. However, some will require you to post bail which your lawyer can take care of. Once released, it is now time to address this issue. In some states, a DUI charge generates 2 separate cases.

The first is filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles while the other is a criminal court case. When faced with this problem, you have to face these charges within ten days from the date of the arrest.

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