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Miami Dade County Fast & Dependable Bail Bonds

Miami Dade Bail Bonds


  • Signature Bonds

  • No Collateral

  • Payment Plans

Miami Bail Bondsman. No one, not even your lawyer, will know as much as we do about the details of how to obtain your release in Miami Dade county. We are fast, reliable and will always treat you with respect. All information that you disclose to us will be kept confidential. 

What we can do for you:

  • Post Bonds for all Miami - Dade Jails

  • Domestic Violence Assistance

  • Traffic Violation Bonds

  • Fugitive Violation Bonds

  • Credit Options

  • Signature-Only Bonds

  • State-Nationwide Bonding

  • Federal Bonds

  • Immigration Bonds

  • Notary Services

  • Mortgage Consultation

If you or someone you know needs fast, reliable advice and support in Miami - Dade county, contact us today for a consultation and prompt bail bond service. We'll walk you through the process so you won't have to face it alone.

Angel Hands Bail Bonds offers comprehensive bail bond services in Miami Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County and Monroe County.  Whenever you or someone you know is in need of fast, professional Miami bail bonding services.

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Miami Bail Bondsman

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Miami, FL 33168


When someone is arrested, they are generally given a bail amount. This amount can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars — and they are often more than a person can pay at once. A bail amount is designed to ensure that the arrested individual goes to their court dates. If they fail to show up, the bail is forfeited. Thus, once someone has been arrested, someone will need to show up with the bail amount in order to bail the individual out — and the individual needs to show up to their court date to get the bail back.


What If You Can’t Pay Your Bail?
Bail amounts are often prohibitively expensive. An individual may not have enough cash at hand for a $5,000 bail. The solution to this problem is a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman puts up a bond of the full amount of bail, in exchange for a low one-time fee. As an example, a bail bondsman may be paid a $500 fee and they will put up the full $5,000 bond; thus the individual can be released from jail immediately rather than having to wait.
What Happens If the Court Date Is Skipped?
Regardless of whether you have bailed out or used a bondsman, you will still be responsible for the full amount of bail in the event that the court date isn’t attended. The individual using the bondsman is essentially providing a guarantee that the other person will show up for their court date. Even though they aren’t being charged, they will be considered responsible for the full bond amount. This makes it incredibly important to keep contact with your bondsman.

Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department (MDCR) is a County Department serving all of Miami-Dade County's 30 municipal police departments, the county police department (MDPD), as well as state agencies. The MDCR is the 7th largest county jail system in the United States,[1] with approximately 2,906 employees.[2] [FY 2009–10] The Department is still often referred by its former name, DCJ for Dade County Jail. Miami-Dade Corrections Officers are easily identified by their white shirts with green trousers with gray stripe. Miami-Dade Corrections vehicles are identified by their green and white livery. MDCR officers carry silver badges, while officers with the ranks of sergeant and above carry gold badges. The badge is exactly the same as the Miami-Dade County Police Department to reflect the fact that they were at one time one entity. The MDCR operates six detention facilities with a system-wide average of approximately 7,000 inmates, and books approximately 114,000 inmates annually (312 per day). Several facilities are nationally accredited by the American Correctional Association, as well as at the state level by the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission. The current director of the department is Marydell Guevara, who was appointed by Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giménez. The Department's headquarters is located at 2525 NW 62nd Street, MiamiFlorida.



847 Northwest 119th Street Suite 204

Miami, FL 33168


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